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seattle elopement photographer

A lifetime isn't close to enough time with you.

Everyone, meet the love of my life. The Botanist of my heart, the person whom I work into every conversation and can never get enough of.

Our story is quite a funny one actually. My ex introduced us!

The very first time I ever met Brian, I turned 50 shades of tomato red and my voice went suddenly very high pitchy. He was just so, HOT! (If you ever meet him, I suggest requesting him in a three-piece suit, cause DAMN!)

After we met, I couldn't stop talking about him to my ex on the way home. Brian is just that sort of person. You meet him and suddenly you're quite uninterested in anyone else around and just want to sit with him and be in his space.

We were acquaintances, then friends, then when both of us had left our previous relationships, we found each other at the crossroads.

We were shocked at the pull we had to one another, neither of us had ever had those feelings for another person before.

It was startling, the love we had.

I was his the moment I saw him.

In a sea of hands, I will always be reaching for his. I could live 20 different lifetimes and choose him in each and every one.

He is my touchstone, my best friend, my favorite place, the breath to my life, the eyes I search for when I'm lost, the arms I feel at home in.

He's everything to me.

seattle elopement photographer

I don't create for, I create with.

I want to walk with you and beside you through a little bit of life with you. I am all about documenting who you truly are because you deserve to look back on these photos and see YOU in them.

I am vastly uninterested in photographing some posed, fake, unrealistic version of who you are. Anyone can do that. I want this to be more for you. Because after all is said and done, what matters is that you come out of our time together loving each other more.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, photography is an incredibly empathetic pursuit. It is documenting who you are, those you love and those who love you. It's able to capture a moment in time and for you to have the immensely beautiful privilege of looking back on them. I want to do more for you in that vein -- because I want you to be able to not only be able to look back on your moments, your memories, but I also desperately want you to look at them and remember the feeling.

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