Whidbey Island Elopement Photography

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Welcome friend, I'm Ren.

whidbey island elopement photographer

If you're here, you're most likely thinking about eloping or possibly having your couples session on this beautiful island in the PNW. I am here to help! I have photographed over 80 couples and can assist you in all of your planning needs.

My style is genuine, authentic, honest + intimate with a heavy style focused on real moments. The last thing I want to do during our time together is make your love look fake and pristine. Because honest love isn't anything like that. It's messy, it makes you ache and feel and settles into your bones.

And that's what I want to capture for you both. A beautiful and honest documentation of who you are + what your love looks like.

What's important to you is important to me. That real love stuff, the reason why you're together, dressed in your finest, saying your vows, celebrating your love and those who love you.

I'm Ren McKenzie, a bookworm who dresses like she's going on a date when she's only going to the grocery store, who dances to 70's jams in her spare time and provides elopement photography to the greater Pacific Northwest.

And while I am an elopement photographer, I see my self as a storyteller. I want to capture every single photo like how it felt on your day. From big interactions of joy and smiles, to subtle, quiet moments when you're resting your head on your lover's chest for your first dance, I want to document your day as it was. For you to look back for years to come and remember what it felt like standing in those shoes again.

cat mom - lemon water addict - photojournalist for all lovers

What to know about eloping or having your couples sesh ON Whidbey Island

I'll just be honest with you, Whidbey Island is one of my favorite places to photograph people in love.

It's a vast, stunning space filled with rolling fields, wild flowers, gorgeous beaches with driftwood and some of the most beautiful views you'd ever hope to see.

Found just outside of Anacortes, Washington, this lovely island has so much to offer and is the perfect backdrop for your nuptials or couples session.

When planning your elopement / couples session, one of the things to think about is the time of year and weather!

While I come from the PNW, I know not everyone is down to get soaked while frolicking on the cliffside of Ebey's Landing in Coopeville, so an important thing to note is that May flowers bring May showers. While spring brings some of the prettiest wildflowers to the banks and hills of Whidbey Island, you must know that that most likely will mean some rain + wind. If you're down, awesome! If you're wanting a more sunny setting for your day, you may want to consider closer to summer - and just summer itself.

Autumn also brings it's own moodiness to it and beautiful fallen leaves to decorate the background while I document you two in love.