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What It's All About

this is how memories are made

If you're looking for a photographer to come and take the typical posed portrait, we probably won't jam very well. But that's ok! Everyone is different and you deserve to have a photographer who will capture your day the way you've dreamt of having it captured.

This is about trust.

Not trusting really anyone you've hired to do anything makes the whole experience harder on everyone.

So, I want you to understand something.

I am in this for you.

This isn't about me.

Creating a space that is filled with trust and comfort is what I strive for with every single one of my couples.

I want you to step into our time together knowing that I've got you and that we are going to have a freaking blast!

Because I want you two to trust me enough to get lost.

Get lost dancing your heart out at your wedding.

Get lost kissing and giggling with your love.

Get lost hiking up to where you both plan to exchange vows.

Because these are your moments and I want you two to wrap yourselves up in them.





This is about the two of you.

My ultimate goal in all of this is for you two to come out loving each other more.

I want to create an experience for you both.

I could give you beautiful, lovely images, but if I made you two feel like just some money signs or made you feel super awkward or rushed, yes you may like the photos, but you would remember how you felt.

Not really the "pretty" photos.

The experience I want to create for you is to make you feel.

When you look at the photos of your time together with your love whether it be at your elopement, wedding or a fun couples session, I want you to remember how it felt.

How it felt kissing your love and sealing the deal to do life with them from the rest of yours.

How it felt being spun around in the arms of your love on a mountain top.

How it felt having pictures taken of you both in your home, remembering sweet memories.

BesT Friends


soul mates


The bursting laugh, the happy tears, the silly smiles, the breathless kisses, the hugs that are tight.

I want to give you something that you will remember for years to come.

To stop a few moments in time and give you something beautiful.

This isn't about posing, about looking perfect, this is capturing your love in the beautiful, imperfect, wonderful way it is unique to you.

Capturing your love for you two to share for generations and generations, preserving a piece of you.



So, let me hear your story.

This is where the magic starts.

Tell me all about yourself!

I want to get to know all about you.

How did you two meet? Who made the first move? What are your love languages?

Hello There!

Wanna know a little more about the woman behind the camera?

Come on over and I'll let you know why i do what I do and About that time I almost became a homicide detective.

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