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the meaning of a love story is a tale of lovers

My couples, their love and their moments.

Below are special people incredibly close to my heart.

They've invited me to witness their love, to witness their vows, their kisses, their togetherness. I've seen some incredible things doing what I do. I've heard incredible stories from friends and family about my couple. I've cried every time there's a first dance, every time my couples let go and really show their true emotion. I think these moments affect me so much because of the way I love my couples.

What I do is something that I hold as a high privilege and feel incredibly blessed to have the ability to call this my career.

My business is love, I make it my business because the only way for me to tell a love story, is to know it. I've never wanted a photo version of a love story. I'm talking about the fake, posed, forced, and uncomfortable version.

When couples are in front of my camera, I encourage them to forget that I'm even there.

To take in one another and just allow themselves to be loved as they are.

Here are a few love stories about just that.

seattle elopement photographer

PNW Engagement Session | Aerin + Greg


Whidbey Island Elopement | Maya + Jack


Downtown Seattle Couples Session | Kay + Diego


Seattle City Hall Elopement | Renee + Dan


Los Angeles Garden Elopement | Sammi + Sam


Pike’s Place Market Couples Session | Liz + Adrienne

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seattle elopement photographer
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