Whidbey Island Elopement | Maya + Jack

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This Whdibey Island Elopement was a gorgeous day to remember.

M + J are two of the best people you could hope to meet.

They feel like old friends and make you feel comfortable being yourself. They are both just walking sunshine.

They love one another like nothing I've seen before.

You walk into the room and you can feel it before you see it.

M + J went to the courthouse, made their love state official with their two sweet friends as witnesses, and captured it all on polaroids.

Once they were done, they went for drinks at the sweetest little pub with a lot of character and a bison head mounted on the wall and waited for me to arrive and document their newlywed status.

They were practically glowing when I walked in. Huddled in a booth with their friends, sipping on a beer and warming up from the walk from their cars.

We decided to scrap our original location due to the weather and went out next to the pub instead to document them that just so happened to have access to the beach below and a beautiful dock. If you think the weather stopped these stunning champions from braving the cold and celebrating their love, well, you would be wrong.

It was raining sideways with wind tunnel speeds + we were all soaked by the end of it.

And it was fucking beautiful.

Congratulations my loves. It was an honor.

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