It’s Just You And Me | Vanessa + Ben

"Um, ok, pretty sure we go up here."

That was the catch phrase for the day.

When I looked up beautiful Seattle beaches, it was a happy accident that I found a GORGEOUS spot.

Little did I know that the park, while open, had closed all roads leading to the place where I wanted to capture my lovely couple.

I was met with huge smiles (behind masks), friendly conversation and them being ready for whatever.

And my goodness, were they up for an adventure!

It was a lovely hike there (granted, I didn't know it was going to take 30 minutes...) then we spent their mini session frolicking on the beach! Me without shoes, because, PNW siren over here.

They were an absolute DREAM to photograph.

Even when they were tired, they smiled and laughed and just enjoyed themselves.

What a pair these were and are.

I am so beyond blessed that Vanessa reached out to me.

Did I question around 8 times heading back that we were going the right direction even though my phone told me we were? Oh ya.

Did I even flag down a resident of the government property we accidentally walked through? You bet I did! :D

Vanessa + Ben,

Thank you.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day that I will never forget.

All My Love,