So This Is Love | Alexandra + Robert

I met Alexandra over Instagram + it was love at first sight.

Neither of us can actually recall how we found one another or who found who first, but we quickly clicked and realized that we had a beautiful friendship starting.

When we had our session, it only made sense for me to travel to Tacoma and explore their little town.

Alex + Robert met me on their bikes in a church parking lot looking like the cool people you meet in high school who you want to be friends with.

They're, UGH, they're just so cool.

We decided that pizza was the way to go (I mean, how else does anything good start?) and grabbed some from their favorite shop before walking over to the school where 10 Things I Hate About You was filmed and holy hell, it was one of the prettiest schools I've ever ever seen.

Although, quick side note here, my apologies to the school since we were blasting music in the court yard, laughing loudly and being a general ruckus while SCHOOL WAS IN SESSION šŸ˜³

Yaaaa, we didn't know school had opened the day before our shoot!!

Anyway, I digress.

This gorgeous little mama's swollen belly, while being mostly hidden from view with her beautiful jacket, had to be my favorite part of this shoot, aside from her and Robert's clear affection and love they have for one another.

That was the thing.

These two are SO in love.

You can so clearly tell. They way the laugh together, hold one another, look at one another.

Their love is like a song.

A + R, you are 100 times cooler than I'll ever be.

And I love you for that!

All My Love,