Me and Ma Boo | Adriana+Adam

Tis the season as they say.

When I said I was going to be offering mini sessions during October, I hadn't really thought of any of my clients asking if we could do something Halloween related.

And then on our FaceTime call, Adriana mentioned that Halloween is her holiday and that she would love nothing more than to get spooky with me.

This woman had a vision.

She had ran through all of her ideas and had a list handy when we were having our consultation.

In short, we fell in love.

I had no idea how much fun her and her husband Adam were going to be until my hot AF plant daddy (who I brought along as my easy-on-the-eyes assistant) and I got to Seattle's prime tourist spot.

THESE TWO WERE THE FUNNEST, MOST CREATIVE, LOVELY couple I have ever had the pleasure to photograph.

It was misting and deliciously Pacific Northwesty with hoards of people around that just made everything look that much more badass.

Adriana + Adam, you're ma boo's.

And I love you.

All My Love,