It Was Always You | Candida+Alanna

Have you ever had an online friend?

One that you end up talking to quite a bit and discussing personal stories, triumphs and joy's with one another?


Well, too bad, cause that's how Candida and I first met. 😄

Candida found me when I shot a mutual friend's boudoir shoot.

She ended up following me on Instagram and we became fast friends, connecting through our shared struggle with endometriosis and our love of art and the art of love. ☺️

When I found out she was engaged, I slid into her DM's (not that I wasn't there already) and casually mentioned that, ahem, I would absolutely love to shoot her wedding to her love.

Well, as you all well know, the Corona Virus hit and suddenly their beautiful plans to wed were suddenly pushed back quite far.

So, off to a beautiful little park in Seattle we go!

It was a beautiful day, filled with intimate moments, dance parties and the pledge to love each other through thick and thin, happy and tragic, hopeful and heartbreaking.

I was nothing if not honored to be apart of your day, C+A.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to not only capture your day, but to celebrate it with you.

All My Love, Always,