Field Of Dreams | Amberjoy+David

“We’ll be the oldest couple you’ve shot!”


Well, he certainly wasn’t wrong!

These two love birds have been together for 20 years and counting.

We all go way back.

I met them when I was 18 and we’ve done life together ever since.

They’re my family, no other way to say it.

So when Amberjoy asked me to photograph them, HOW THE HECK COULD I SAY NO?!?

I…I couldn’t. Obviously. Cause…there’s pictures.

Ahem, anyway!

From moving across the country together, to their two beautiful and amazing boys, these two have run the gauntlet together.

They recently have purchased a farm where they have their goats, two dogs and a hen whom I’ve named Henrietta who has layed eggs underneath their rhubarb bush.

I don’t get to see couples this in love often.

But goodness gracious, are these two in love.

You can see it in the way they hold each other, in the way they dance, the way they smile.

They act as if they’ve been dating for a couple of years, not married for 18.

And that’s what I love about them. Their love is so obvious. They’re like teenagers.

May we all find the David to our Amberjoy’s and Amberjoy to our David’s.

I love you both to the stars and back.

All My Love,