Come With Me To Waikiki | Mike+Nick’s Elopement

Oh my goodness gracious, these two…

I guess I should start with how Mike and I met.

A friend had mentioned to him about the special I was running for couples that had had to cancel their wedding.

Mike inquired and we set up for a little video chat and I knew from the get-go that we were going to be friends.

He was so kind, so inquisitive, so sweet, I was totally in love and absolutely STOKED that I would get to photograph him and his love.

I didn’t get to meet Nick until the day of, but I was so excited to meet him, I just ran up to him and gave him a big hug!

I had woken up early and driven from my house allllllllll the way down to Cape Disappointment for four hours and showed up in my overalls, hunter rain boots and tiny hair buns, ready to have a the time of my life.

And oh my goodness, how I did.

Mike and Nick are two of the best, most warm hearted, loving, kind, amazing people you could ever hope to meet.

Their friends were just as sweet, making me feel like I had known them for years instead of only a few hours.

We had Subway sandwiches and soda and talked about life, love and all the little things in between.

You both have my heart.

Thank you for everything.

All My Love,