Runaway With Me | Caitlin + Josh’s Elopement

Caitlin + Josh didn’t meet at the “perfect timing”. They were both on their road to recovery from hard times in their lives and met when their shared desire to better themselves led them to a place of healing.

Instantly becoming friends, and really not knowing the kind of chemistry that they had, they began spending more and more time together. Three months into their friendship, they shared a kiss and the rest is history.

When their wedding day finally rolled around, I was so excited I was making myself sick. Hey, it’s adrenaline, alright??

I had been packed for days, ready to jump in the car when the time came.

When it finally did, the heavens opened.

Quite literally.

It rained. Ooooohhhhh, how it rained.

Was it “perfect”? No.

Was it WONDERFUL? Yes.

These two said screw it and did it in the rain.

I’m gonna think about that for a long time.

Sometimes the GOOD things in life don’t come at the perfect time. Sometimes you don’t think that you deserve it or that maybe when you do this, this and this, THEN you’ll deserve it.

Nah, teach your heart to be open. To say yes to the good things, even in the rain.

My sweet hearts, it was an HONOR to be apart of your incredible day.

I will never forget the laughs, the sweetness, the joy.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

All My Love