canon beach engagement session

Canon Beach Engagement Session | Jenny + Bronson

One of the plus sides to air travel is that a normally 5 hour road trip can be magically turned into a 20 minute flight. And believe me, that is a beautiful thing. And it just so happens that's exactly how I traveled to document Jenny + Bronson's engagement session.

They had traveled all the way from Texas the day of to frolic on the sands during sunset with me. We met up at one of my favorite restaurants in Canon Beach - The Wayfarer Restaurant and Lounge - which I highly recommend to anyone traveling there. It's so freaking delicious! Anyway, we sat down to dinner and ended up talking for 2 hours 🙂 We instantly felt like dear friends who'd known each other for years. These two are seriously two of the best people you could ever know. Both are incredibly kind, gracious, hilarious, and caring. No wonder they were getting on the beach the next day. 🙂 (Which I also had the honor of capturing, the most beautiful blog post coming soon!)

As the sun was setting, we set out on the beach. It was crowded, as it always is in the summer time, but we felt like were the only people on the beach while we were creating together.

One of my favorite things about this particular session was my beautiful bride's swollen belly holding their beautiful baby.

Jenny + Bronson, it's no secret that I love you. Thank you for choosing me to capture your beautiful faces.

I'll also never forgive you for living so far away from me.

How dare you.