canon beach engagement session

Cannon Beach Engagement Session | Jenny + Bronson

Tell me about you two:

"We met at work on location in the middle of nowhere. I knew the moment I met him that he was going to be an extremely special person in my life. We became good friends right away and that eventually turned into more (which was my plan all along 🙂 Neither of us are fans of the "traditional or normal" way of doing things which has played out beautifully in our relationship. It hasn't been rushed in any way. We've allowed each other the space to explore and grow both individually and as a couple. Before he proposed we had many conversations about not really needing to be married and us both feeling so content and at peace with that. But when he did ask, it felt like it was always meant to be. Very similar to how it was finding out we were pregnant. We thought we would choose a path with no kids and forever exploring just the two of us -- but when we found out it was as if it was always meant to be."

- Jenny of Jenny + Bronson

"If you weren't available, we wouldn't have done this."

Jenny and Bronson were sitting across from me at the The Wayfarer Restaurant and Lounge after we just ordered dinner when my beautiful woman said that to me. It truly was one of the nicest thing anyone had ever said to me.

I had gotten to Cannon Beach for their engagement session a few hours prior and they had just gotten in from driving from the airport coming all the way from Texas. They told me over delicious burgers that they had come to the Oregon coast a few years before and had fallen in love with it. Which is definitely easy to do. I love living so close to Oregon because one of the plus sides to air travel is that a normally 5 hour road trip can be magically turned into a 20-minute flight. And believe me, that is a beautiful thing. And it just so happens that's exactly how I traveled to document Jenny + Bronson's engagement session.

Our dinner lasted 2 beautiful hours. We talked about their story, Jenny and I's feelings of being pregnant and all the nuances of bringing a baby into the world, and Bronson and I talking about the recent car accidents we'd been in. It was a wild ride. 🙂 But of course, in the best sort of way. We were still talking when we realized we'd probably be losing light rather soon. I honestly could have talked to them all night. I loved them as soon as I met them. So we got in our cars and went to one of my most favorite spots in the entire world. Not before Jenny handed me a little bag that had a baby bunny, a baby outfit and an incredibly sweet thank you card. I was 5 months pregnant with my son (though we had thought we were having a girl the entire time) and the outfit they got me was the one that we brought him home in. 🙂

Cannon beach is literally my heaven. I don't know if you personally have ever been, but if you haven't, you simply have to go.

I cannot even begin to tell you how much I deeply adored getting to photograph Jenny and Bronson.

We instantly felt like dear friends who'd known each other for years. These two are seriously two of the best people you could ever know. Both are incredibly kind, gracious, hilarious, and caring. No wonder they were getting on the beach the next day. 🙂 (Which I also had the honor of capturing, the most beautiful blog post coming soon!)

As the sun was setting, we set out on the beach. It was crowded, as it always is in the summer time, but we felt like were the only people on the beach while we were creating together.

One of my favorite things about this particular session was my beautiful bride's swollen belly holding their beautiful baby.

Jenny + Bronson, it's no secret that I love you. Thank you for choosing me to capture your beautiful faces.

I'll also never forgive you for living so far away from me.

How dare you.