andante vineyard wedding

Andante Vineyard Wedding | Jacky + Joe

This Andante Vineyard wedding was something to remember but our story doesn't start there. Jacky, Joe, and I go way back.

We met back in 2019 when Jacky messaged me about doing a mini-session with me. I instantly fell in love with both of them — it was very hard not to. We played and frolicked around a beautiful beach on Camino Island and we parted ways much too soon. We kept in touch after and one day she messaged me to let me know that Joe had proposed! We celebrated and immediately started planning their engagement session. We had so, so much fun together and everything was made so much sweeter when I remembered that I had the immense honor of photographing their beautiful wedding being held in Dallas, Oregon at the beautiful Andante Vineyard.

I traveled down with my baby belly in tow to a sweet little hotel just a few minutes away. The day of, it was a hot one — the sun was high in the sky and the temperature was going up to the 100’s, but we didn’t care.

I drove to the vineyard and was so overwhelmed with how beautiful it was. One of the most fabulous things was that they had houses for Jacky and Joe to get ready in. It’s honestly one of my favorite parts about any venue. 🙂

Jacky was getting ready with her mom and sister, her dad and brother waited in the living room to let Joe know when his bride would be ready.

Once everyone was ready to go, I headed out the door to head over to the ceremony site. Joe was waiting under the most gorgeous oak tree I had ever seen in my life. Their family had never officially met until the night before, so when they gathered under that beautiful tree, it warmed my heart to see them all crowded around each other, laughing and talking.

The ceremony itself was short and sweet — full of so much love and joy.

Everyone cheered and celebrated when their love was sealed with a kiss. We all took a walk — the older sweethearts getting a ride in the Kubota — and walked to a little wine moment before dinner. However, the yellow jackets wanted to celebrate too and so they were swarming us! We all tried to hold out as long as we could, but we eventually had to move down to the gorgeous tasting room.

Before I continue, I truly cannot even begin to tell you how incredible the Andante team is. They were all so incredibly kind, cordial, loving and caring. They made the whole experience just so incredibly amazing. If you are in the Oregon area and looking for not only a beautiful place, but beautiful people running it, I HIGHLY suggest Andante's Vineyard.

We were able to continue the celebration with yummy wine and a delicious charcuterie board. I was able to take some weight off my big belly and sat and talked with Jacky's sweet siblings. I also had a heart connection to a sweet friend who was from Scotland! I used to live in the U.K. and he was shocked I guessed his accent correctly. 🙂

Before we knew it, dinner was ready and we were ushered out onto the front patio where Jacky's sister had created the most beautiful designs for the menus, placements, and even the little guest soaps! Oh, and she even made the soaps herself!! Talk about multi-talented! The dinner was incredible and the speeches were filled with oh so much love and oh so much emotion. Before Jacky, Joe and I headed out to the garden for their portraits, Jacky's aunt brought out the gorgeous cake that she made herself. It was so beautiful! And incredibly delicious too. 🙂

We ended the day as the sun set over the valley with Jacky and Joe basking in the bliss of being newlyweds.

I cannot even begin to thank these sweethearts for inviting me on such a lovely journey. Here's to many more years of you both in front of my camera.

Congratulations, my darlings.