Discover Park Couples Session | Kay + Diego

I love film. There's something about it that makes you feel cozy, and nostalgic even for moments that happened days ago.

So when my new film camera came, I knew I had to test it out on two of my favorite people and their puppers.

We walked down to the beach, catching up and talking about our childhoods. It was so hot, we were all sweating by the time we reached the beach and let me tell you, the cool water was perfect.

We started with mimosa's + skittles before frolicking through the ocean waves. Granted, sand somehow got inside the camera and caused all sorts of havoc, so while it will never shoot the same again, it was so absolutely worth it.

Kay + Diego are engaged now, and I cannot wait to photograph their too-beautiful selves again.

Thank you for everything, you super pretty.

seattle engagement photographer
seattle engagement photographer