Oh My Goodness, Welcome!!

While my passion is photography, something else that ABSOLUTELY makes my heart overjoyed is helping other creatives.

I want you, above all, to feel accomplished.

to feel like you're moving in the right direction, that what you're doing is the right thing for you.

This isn't about being perfect, knowing what you're doing all the time or having it all together!

This is about creatively pursuing who you are as an artist.

These are for the ones that are finding their way through the woods, the ones who grow among the mud and the wreckage.

These are for the wildflowers.


after - dreamy dahlia


after - sunflower


after - iris


after - marigold


after - lupine


after - queen of night


after - peony


after - black poppy

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I created these presets because I know what it's like being creatively stumped.

You see a beautiful photo and want to bring life to it, but not sure where to start.

These presets are designed to spark your creativity and help you along on this beautiful journey of creative discovery.

The Wildflower Preset collection offers four black and white's + four colored presets, that give you creative space to create with purpose.

The colors are filmy with 70's vibes and grain designed to make your heart swoon.

The black and white's keep the romance of once upon a time when black and white's were how people told stories.

These are designed to not only up your work flow, but to encourage you in your own journey of editing and finding your style!



"Wildflower Presets are so fun and easy to use! Oh, how I wish these presets were a real field of flowers -- I would love to frolic through them. They are soft, dreamy, timeless, and so nostalgic. And also with a sense of whimsy.  They really highlight the natural colors in the landscape - the soft blues of the Pacific Northwest waters, the lush greens in the forests and spring grasses, while also bringing out really lovely skin tones. Lupin is crisp & clean, with rich greens and true to life colors. Peony is warm and filmy, really accentuating green & orange tones, Marigold is so subtle and natural, and Sunflower feels like a warm August afternoon. They all feel like I'm flipping through my grandparent's scrapbooks from the 70s, almost forgetting that I was the one who took these photos. With other B&W presets I've tried, they are often too harsh and honestly I stay away from black and white photos because I have such a hard time making them look right - but Dreamy Dahlia, Iris, and Queen of the Night are soft and timeless -- they're the kind of B&Ws I've always hoped for. I am so incredibly impressed with these and they work with so many different lighting situations!"

- Eva Waltz

"I absolutely adore these presets!! As an armature photographer I love how uncomplicated and easy to use these presets are. I can see what was done on my settings so then I can alter as needed without messing things up. I bought these specifically for a boudoir shoot I was doing for a friend who was getting married as her wedding gift. The photos came out spectacular thanks to this set and Ren's amazing skills. I now use them for all kinds of composition. Love them so much, so romantic and dreamy!"

- Kathryn R.


1. Do they work in Lightroom?

They sure do!

2. Are they "one click" presets?

On a few photos, sure! But I don't think any preset should be a one click type deal. That sucks the creativity out of creating!

So you, depending on your style will have so much fun tweaking the lights and shadows and colors!

3. Do they include brushes?

Not at this time, no!





Select all presets from file, click import + start creating!

Open develop and click the plus sign next to the top of presets + select "import presets".

Open Lightroom.

Download and open ZIP file.