Your New Favorite Third Wheel

I have been shooting couples for the past two years and it has changed my life.

I do what I do because I FREAKIN LOVE IT!!!

Honestly...I can't contain my excitement or my joy when it comes to what I do.

There is nothing that I love doing more than getting to tell the story of two hearts.

It's an absolute incredible privilege that I do not take lightly.

I'm not here to tell a perfect story,

I'm here to tell your story.

I do this for the friendships, the memories, the smiles, the giggles, the experience

You are enough.

Right here.

Right now.

I want to create with you both.

I want to create memories.

You don't have to be perfect to be worth remembering.

Your story deserves to be told for years to come.

Because real love has something that can't be beat.

It's not like the movies, no.

It's sooooooo much better.

I do what I do because I adore it

It's not just enough for me to show up to you, share a quick pleasantry, photograph you and your love and send you the pictures a few weeks later.

Heck to the no.

I am in this with you from the planning to the moment where you're about to walk down the aisle, to having a full blown dance party with you at your reception.

Because your story is infinitely important to me.

I know.

I don't have some amazing story about how photography has always been what I wanted to do.

It's ALWAYS been in my life, but I wanted to be a composer, actress, fashion designer, author, and before I went into photography, I was studying to become either a homicide detective, forensic psychologist or criminologist.

I never thought something so beautiful could come into my life. I never thought that I would get to be apart of something so gorgeous and unique as getting to help tell people's love stories.


Behind everything that I do is a heart of creativity and a desire to tell stories.

I have loved stories my whole life.

The big ones, the little ones.

The heartbreaking ones, the joyful ones.

That's what I adore about photography.

It gives you so much room to feel.

Whether it's happy or sad, it stops a moment in time and can capture it in a way that nothing else can.

When the years pass and the memories fade, you can still look back to the first time you said yes or when you kissed the love of your life and sealed the deal on doing life with them for the rest of yours.

I never thought that I would get to be apart of something so spectacular like that.

And I have a feeling I'll be doing it till I can no longer hold a camera.

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I have a dream of photographing Lynn and her future wife.

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