My whole goal in all of this,

is for you two to come out of our time together

loving each other more

seattle elopement photographer

welcome friend, i'm ren

Elopement Photographer based in Seattle, Washington

For the wildly in love + the non-traditional + the present ones + the rebels

I am so happy you're here.

I am an Elopement + Intimate Wedding + Couples photographer who wants nothing more than to photograph you and your love just as you are.

Your honest love, a true reflection.

Because you know what's photogenic? Your memories.

In our time together, I will give a piece of myself to preserve a piece of you.

In all of your realness, in all of your honesty.

Because you deserve to be remembered, just as you are.

Based in Seattle, Washington but willing to travel anywhere and everywhere

seattle engagement photographer

their stories

these are their stories, the people that have invited me to walk a little time in their life with them.

seattle elopement photographer

my people

I do things a bit differently

Take some time to read through my approach to see what to expect in our time together and to see if I'm the right fit for you!

Because in order for this to work, we need to like - nay - love each other.


here for the breathless kisses, the hugs that are tight, the sudden giggles

at the end of the day, MOST any photographer can deliver good photos, but i want to give more than that - i want to hold space for you two to show up COMPLETELY yourselves with your hearts wide open.

seattle elopement photographer

before i get to know you two, here's a little bit about me + i am OBSESSED with lemon water + my favorite moment of every day is waking up to my love in our mountain home + you will always find me wearing some sort of dress or skirt or a cozy sweater + i was studying to become a forensic psychologist before i discovered photography + i have 6 tattoos and counting + my nights are spent cuddling my voluptuous + fluffy cat named Leo, more commonly known and referred to as Muffin + lush, deep colors make my heart skip a beat + i love traveling, especially for my couples so while the pacific northwest is where i call home, i'm more than willing to travel anywhere and everywhere

come get to know me

seattle elopement photographer

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